International Perspectives of Contemporary Migration, Urbanisation and Development in Asia Pacific and Across the Pacific


  • Nai-Peng Tey University of Malaya


Development, migration, urbanisation


Recent years have witnessed increased population mobility, both within and across countries. While internal migration which has resulted in rapid urban growth is of greater magnitude than international migration, it has received relatively less attention than the latter. The papers presented in this special issue draw attention to the fact observation that international migration has become more globalised and complex, with increasing mobility of different forms and involving a greater number of countries. The close association between migration and development has also been clearly demonstrated. While migrants may not always be welcomed, migration which is instrumental in the re-allocation of human resources in response to market forces, has contributed positively to places of origin and destination. However, there is still a need to improve on the management of migration and urbanisation. Efforts should be made to improve on data collection and analysis to guide policy formulation and implementation.


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Author Biography

Nai-Peng Tey, University of Malaya

Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya